St Martin’s Graveyard offers a place of peace and quiet where the bereaved may lovingly remember those who have died.  It is a place to remember our sure and certain hope that they await the return of Jesus Christ and the life that is to come.

Sadly we have run out of space and no new plots are available.  It is still possible to bury someone in the churchyard if there is a family grave with space in it.  The alternative is to bury Ashes in family grave or our Garden of Remembrance.

There are regulations regarding a church graveyard and they are quite different from those of municipal cemeteries.

New regulations were published in 2016.  Under the new regulations no artificial flowers of any kind are allowed except for Remembrance Day poppies [which can be put on the graves of those who served in the Armed Forces] and Christmas wreaths [but they should be removed after no more than two months].

Under the new regulations no soft toys, photographs, balloons, or any sentimental item and remain in the graveyard.  There is a special period of grace of 42 days following a burial [of ashes or body] when these items may be in the graveyard – after which they should be removed.

The full text of the 2016 regulations are available: