Here is some additional information that you may find useful…


We prefer biodegradable Confetti – but please ask your guests to throw it well away from the front door of the church so that it doesn’t blow into church.


There is limited parking in church grounds: we reserve it for disabled drivers.

On street parking is available: please be considerate of our neighbours.


We will welcome your chosen photographer and make every effort to ensure you have wonderful photographs of the occasion.  We ask photographers to speak to the Vicar when first arriving at the church.  The vicar will point out appropriate places to take photographs.  There are a few rules we ask photographers to comply with.


St Martin’s Church is part of the Church of England, and therefore the vicar acts as registrar, and will complete the forms and provide the wedding certificate ready for signing at the wedding.


Most church weddings are conducted by Banns: it is the simplest “licence” to marry in the Church of England comes in the form of Banns.  This means that for three weeks prior to your wedding there will be an announcement in church of your intention to marry.  This must take place within three months of the date of your wedding.  You will be expected to attend church for the Reading of the Banns.

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